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AOL Information

AOL has a compression feature built into the browser that compresses all the graphics you view on a web site. The following info will assist you in turning off this feature. Doing so will allow you to download graphics off of this site that are uncompressed. You will also find your viewing pleasure enhanced by the fact that you will hopefully be able to see the graphics as intended by the designer.

AOL's default in Internet Explorer for Web Graphics is "Compressed". That can be changed by going in "My AOL" and then Preferences. Go to WWW, which will bring up the Internet Explorer preferences. Click on the tab for "Web Graphics" and then click to remove the Check Mark on "Use Compressed Graphics"

It does help. You may also run Netscape Navigator while logged on to AOL and it gives a good presentation of web sites.

Click Here for indepth information about AOL's compression feature.

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