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Creating Dividers

Dividers should be used sparingly to divide up sections of your page. They make a nice break when you have a page that carries two different types of content that are too small to be placed on separate pages. There are many different ways to make dividers:

Simple Dividers

  • Create a new image 350 x 10 /16 million colors/white background
  • Fill with a linear gradient set at 180 using a light and dark of the same color (light color on top, dark on bottom)
  • Select Selections/Select All
  • Select images/effects/cutout
  • Set your cutout at Shadow Color="black"/Opacity 100/Blur 4.9/Vertical-1/Horizontal -1

Drop Shadow Dividers

  • Create a simple divider
  • Select Edit/copy
  • Create a new image 5 pixels wider and 5 pixels taller then the divider you just made
  • Select edit/paste as new layer
  • Select image/effects/drop shadow

Specialty Dividers
For the following divider I used a dingbat called Separates from the Dingbat Pages

  • Create new image 400 x 25/16 million colors/background color= white
  • Add new layer
  • Click on the text tool and type in the letter c/ font size=72/ font=separates/bold
  • Select image/effects drop shadow - use a drop shadow of green
  • Add new layer
  • Select the line tool and draw a line of 1 pixel from one edge of the dingbat to the edge of the images
  • Select image/effects/drop shadow
  • Select edit/copy - edit/paste as new layer and align the line on the other side so that they are even

I am sure by now you get the idea :) Go grab some dingbats and have some fun :)

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